Labor law advice

Copyright movies online: easy to say difficult

If Vietnam apply measures to handle the situation as copying online movie Korean authorities are doing, then first of all, hundreds of movie sites and collect advertising activities illegally could be “moved “even for a moment. That is content his speech Jung Tea Sun, CEO Group CJE & M Korea in Vietnam, at the seminar […]

Your lover boyfriend element pair also broke the law

“While they love each other, my eyes caught your girlfriend I had dated with another guy.” I have a best friend, this friend is in love with a girl who is also very beautiful, they love each other is about 6 months. While they love each other, my eyes caught your girlfriend I had dated […]

How old are considered employees?

FOUL: Offers Lawyers, I capital contribution with friends to open a small factory making bamboo. Because where I rented a small studio with a lot of you aged 15-17 and so I want to pay the full rent. But some people say if I hire my children do violate labor laws. Dear lawyers have this? […]

Resolving labor disputes

To provide legal advisory services better for you as well as increasing the depth of each field of law, our law office organization divided into several groups according to the field of counseling, legal regulations (approximate team). Each consultation team with lawyers, legal experts specialized knowledge areas in charge legal consultation and the provision of […]

Compensation for training costs

In the context of international economic integration, requires urgent set for enterprises that have the skilled workforce, to master the technology, science and advanced technology to meet the demand schools, enhance competitive other businesses. Before that demand, many companies have invested in their employees improve skills learning and absorbing advanced science and technology to serve […]